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Dr. Moser is President of Sports Neuropsychology Society 2022-2024

Dr. Moser begins her term as President of the Sports Neuropsychology Society 2022-2024

Dr Mayer presents new research with Dan Choi at the SNS Annual Symposium 2022

Dr Mayer presents new research with Dan Choi at the SNS Annual Symposium 2022

2022 Princeton Bike Rodeo

Staff member Alex Moser here with Princeton Police Officers where RSM Psychology and Sports Concussion Center provided frisbees and health information to Princeton youth and residents.

Holiday Staff Luncheon 2019

Happy New Year Wishes from the staff of RSM Psychology and Sports Concussion Center of NJ

Hunter Farms

Pictured with Dr. Moser (L to R) are Hunter Farms Equestrians and staff members Liz, Maddy, and Katie, with “Wiley” who is ready for the ride!

SCCNJ Wheels Rodeo

A great day! Sports Concussion Center of New Jersey joins forces with Princeton Police at the annual Wheels Rodeo

Staff present new research at the SNS Symposium 2019

Dr. Christina Zebrowski of SCCNJ presented new research on the use of physical therapy for concussion at the 2019 Sports Neuropsychology Annual Conference.

Dr. Moser with Dr. Alan Ashare

Dr. Moser, with Dr. Alan Ashare, CoChair of the 6th International Safety in Ice Hockey Symposium in Denver CO, where she presented new research on gender differences in concussion on May 13, 2019.

Joanna Boyd of BIANJ presented the award

The Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey has named Dr. Rosemarie Moser the recipient of the 2019 Jill Schulman Community Pillar Award

The Centers join forces with St. Joseph’s University graduate students for a research planning meeti

Drs. Moser and Schatz brought together staff of the Sports Concussion Center of NJ and the St. Joseph’s University Experimental Psychology graduate students for our 2018 fall research project planning meeting followed by lunch at a favorite stop, Tortuga’s in Princeton. The next focus of research will be treatment for concussion symptoms, in particular the efficacy of physical therapy.

2018 Montgomery Funfest

RSM Psychology and SCCNJ participated in the annual September 2018 Montgomery Fest at the Princeton Airport. Practice Assistant Ms. Hannah Lemke and Dr. Christina Zebrowski kept warm on a chilly day while educating visitors to our booth regarding brain health and safety.

Dr Moser with Fong and Grady

Dr. Moser, Dr. Alina Fong, public policy representative of the US Brain Injury Alliance, and Mr. Tom Grady, public policy representative for both U.S. Brain Injury Alliance and Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey, discussed the latest activities in public health advocacy for brain injury in Washington DC 2018.

Dr Moser at BIANJ Youth Concussion Summit

Dr. Moser presents updates from Berlin at the BIANJ Youth Concussion Summit on June 22, 2017.


Dr. Moser with Co-presenters Dr. Gerard Gioia, Dr. Shannon Bauman, and ESPN senior writer Peter Keating in June, 2017 for BIANJ Concussion Summit.

Women Concussion Experts at 2017 SNS

Dr. Moser with colleagues Drs. Shapiro, Didehbani, Bauman, Ott & Broshek at the 2017 SNS Summit.

Dr Moser with International Women Concussion Colleagues

Dr. Moser with international women concussion colleagues Drs. Murray, Schwartz, Purcell & Schneider at the 2017 Head Injury in Soccer meeting in New York City.

Open House 2016

The RSM Psychology & Sports Concussion Center of New Jersey Team at our annual Open House 2016. Katie Murray, Alex Moser, Ivorie Walker, Rosemarie Moser, Eva Montero, Jessica Corrigan.

Dr. Moser and Dr. Broshek

Dr. Moser (pictured with Dr. Donna Broshek) served as a co-author for the upcoming Concussion In Sport Group guidelines, at the International Consensus Conference in Berlin, October 27-28, 2016.

Drs. Moser and Murray at SNS 2016

Drs. Moser and Murray of SCCNJ present their research at the Sports Neuropsychology Society Annual Conference in Houston, 2016.

Drs. Moser, Murray, Iverson, Schatz

Drs. Moser and Murray surround Harvard Professor Dr. Grant Iverson and SCCNJ Research Director/St. Joseph's Univ. Professor Dr. Phil Schatz at the 2016 SNS Conference.

Pink Concussion Summit - Dr Murray receives Award

Dr. Kathryn Murray receives Honorable Mention for Research Poster at Pink Concussions Summit, with First Prize winner, Martina Anto-Ocrah.

Pink Concussion Summit -  Dr Moser speaks on gender differences

Dr. Moser speaks on Gender Differences at the PinkConcussions Summit, Georgetown Univ. Medical School, Feb. 2016.

Pink Concussion Speakers

Dr. Moser with faculty of the Pink Concussions Summit, Georgetown Univ. Medical School, Feb. 2016.

Concussion Movie Preview

Dr. Moser at Concussion movie preview with Concussion book Author Laskas & MomsTEAM DeLench.

KONKUSSION Retreat 2015

Dr. Moser with colleagues, Drs. Beth Pieroth, Thomas Gennarelli, and Philip Schatz at the KONKUSSION Retreat 2015, Toronto Canada, where she presented her research on Concussion Rest.

KONKUSSION Retreat 2015

Dr. Moser presented at the KONKUSSION Retreat 2015, Toronto, Canada and was an advisor to the White Paper.

SNS Concussion Symposium 2014

Dr. Moser with Fellow Neuropsychologists at the SNS Concussion Symposium 2014 (left to right) Drs. Christopher Bailey, Gerard Gioia, Christopher Vaughan, Philip Schatz, and Mark Lovell.

Dr. Moser and Congressman Pascrell

Dr. Moser in Washington, DC. at the Congressional Brain Injury Fair with U.S. Congressman Bill Pascrell Jr. of New Jersey, sponsor of the Youth Sports Concussion Act of 2013.

Dr. Moser with Colonel Dallas Hack

Dr. Moser with Colonel Dallas Hack, Director of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Commands, and Alex Moser, Chief Operating Officer of SCCNJ at the Annual Congressional Brain Injury Fair.

Dr. Moser with Dr. David Satcher

Dr. Moser with Former U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher at the National Conference on Youth Sports Safety, November 7-8, 2013.

Ahead of the Game Book Launch Event

Dr. Moser pictured with Ron Jaworski, ESPN Commentator/Former Phila. Eagles QB and Eric Nussbaum, the President of ATSNJ, at the Book Launch Event for Ahead of the Game.

Ahead of the Game on Sale!

Ahead of the Game book on Sale!

Dr. Moser with Jon Bon Jovi

Dr. Moser pictured with Jon Bon Jovi, former owner of the Philadelphia Soul Arena Football Team.

Dr. Moser in Italy

Dr. Moser introduces Brain Hygiene to Youth Soccer in Pozzallo, Sicily, Italy October, 2015.

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