Town Topics feature "Raeding Disrodurs: Recognize the Signs", by R. Moser

Raeding Disrodurs: Recognize the Signs We’re Back to School and most parents are happy their lives are returning to a more predictable routine. While homework assignments start to pile up, learning glitches may begin to surface. As students progress through school, reading skills become pivotal to learning new information. Often parents are not aware their child is experiencing a Reading Disorder, sometimes called a Reading Disability. If a child is bright, she or he may be able to compensate or “get by” in the earlier grades by spending extra time studying and working harder than classmates. However, as they get older, the reading demands grow. They can no longer keep up and their grades sl

Paying Attention to Attention, featured in Princeton Magazine: Dr. Rosemarie Moser and staff shed li

Paying Attention to Attention By Drs. Rosemarie Scolaro Moser, Sarah Friedman & Christina Zebrowski Back to school time, that time of year when both youth and adults must bid a temporary farewell to vacation mode and attend to the business of school and work. For some, the transition is an easy one. For others, problems with rallying our attention make the transition difficult. We all experience occasions when our minds wander, or when we miss the details of conversations because we are preoccupied. At these times, our attention is interrupted by distractions. For some, this distractibility or loss of focus is frequent, persistent, and longstanding since childhood, disrupting normal daily ac

Expertscape recognizes Dr. Moser as the #1 Post-Concussion Syndrome Specialist in NJ provides objective rankings of medical expertise locally, nationally and internationally, and guides healthcare consumers by quickly identifying doctors who are world-class experts in your specific medical disorder. Expertscape–Your first step to a Second Opinion–also identified Dr. Moser in the top 1.1% of published authors worldwide on Brain Concussion.

Brain Health at the annual 2019 Montgomery FunFest

RSM Psychology and Sports Concussion Center of NJ staff joined over 100 local sponsors for a day of sun, fun, food, entertainment, and education to promote the message of emotional well-being and brain safety. Pictured are Dr. Rosemarie Moser, Director, and Ms. Cherisse Iverson, Office Manager, ready to distribute our frisbees.

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