Test Accommodations

RSM Psychology Center provides evaluations for students or program applicants who may qualify for test accommodations on standardized testing, such as for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, school or work qualification, and other entrance exams.   


The evaluation is comprehensive and provides the information needed to apply for accommodations.  General areas that are evaluated include:  past medical- academic-occupational-psychosocial history, intellectual ability, achievement skills, emotional-behavioral functioning, and effort. In addition, depending on the individual’s difficulties, more specific tests of attention, memory, language, auditory processing, visual-sensory-motor function, executive function, processing speed are included in the evaluation. 


Students and/or parents are requested to bring to the evaluation any copies of past medical or school records that are relevant, previous evaluations, school transcripts, and past standardized test scores, if available.


If the evaluation indicates that the student or applicant has a justified learning or other disability, RSM Psychology Center will make every reasonable effort to provide the necessary information to support the application for test accommodations. 


Please note that granting of accommodations for testing is not easily accomplished, and not guaranteed, as testing agencies and academic or work programs have become more rigorous in their review of applications for accommodations.   

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